1. two of my favourite things: pedal steel guitar & analogue, conveniently placed in the same channel! #pedalsteelguitar #analogue #recording #recordingstudio #trondheim #soloalbum #beautifulsounds


  2. Ladies and gents, please take a trip to RhysMarshProductions.com to read more about my production work.

  3. 26th April, 2012

    Had a great session last weekend, recording grand piano for Silje Leirvik’s album, in Olavshallen’s lovely Chamber Hall. Great piano, great sound, added to great songs. Just great! Here’s a photo of ‘Mobile Studio, #2’, with Silje and Miss Steinway taking care of business in the background.

  4. 2nd April, 2012.

    The latest Peter Broderick album, “It Starts Hear”, which was partly recorded at Autumnsongs, is out now on Hush Records.

  5. 10th February, 2012.

    Amethystium’s ‘Aurorae EP’, which was partly recorded at Autumnsongs, is out now, on AM.mu Records. More information, and audio samples, can be found at Amethystium.com.

  6. 10th January, 2012.

    Kicking off the new year in a great way, with the completion of records by Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost and Procosmian — both of which are set for release in the coming months.

  7. 5th November, 2011.

    As promised, here’s the first video teaser from the sessions with Silje Leirvik.

  8. 31st October, 2011.

    Recording the cello of Erlend Kvam, for the new Amethystium E.P.

  9. 30th October, 2011.

    Recording the vocals of Tore André Helgemo, for the new Stargazer single. There’s that Telefunken again!

  10. 16th October, 2011.

    It’s a Telefunken vs. Beyerdynamic vs. Sennheiser moment, choosing the right bass sound from the über-cool Ampeg, during the Stargazer sessions. The Telefunken was the winner!